Flemish Hydrography

Safe and smooth shipping is one of the key tasks of the Coastal Division. The Flemish Hydrography team contributes by collecting hydrographical and hydrometeorological data used for the realisation of:

and support for hydraulic engineering sites, offshore activities, research, and protection of the environment. With all these activities, Flemish Hydrography is regularly in contact with foreign hydrographic organisations to ensure that safe shipping does not stop at the Belgian border.
The Flemish Hydrography team exchanges data and experience with hydrographic organisations in our neighbouring countries. The International Hydrographic Organisation (www.iho.int) brings together all these organisations and defines the international standards to which all publications must adhere. The Flemish Hydrography participates in meetings and conferences of the International Hydrographic Organisation during which important decisions are taken about the operation of, and cooperation between, hydrographic organisations worldwide.